Here’s my secret…

“Here’s my secret” is probably the most beloved and read article on BeautyGuard, along with “Emotion n diet.” Maybe because it is a true story written in parallel Little Prince’s famous phrase “Here is my secret. It’s quite simple: You can only see clearly with your heart. You cannot see the essence of things with your eyes.” As you probably can imagine, a writer cannot discriminate between his articles, as each one is kind of “spiritual child” for him. Still, I confess that “Here’s my secret” is written mainly by my heart, not my mind.
Instagram friends that have read the article know already that behind its heart core “secret” message, there are three other secrets hidden. Even now, 4 years after first publishing the article, they keep asking me to reveal: who is the teacher, who is the “dancing on the floor” girl and whether the “friend of mine” girl is just me. Well, maybe somehow, on a BeautyGuard’s reading event or on BeautyGuard’s 10 years birthday party, I will make these confessions. Until then, keep Little Prince’s secret in your hearts and read as much as you can, as reading and learning is our superpower in life!

Learn the Secret..

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