Food and Mood

It’s been a hard day’s night and you find yourself exhausted or disappointed, hanging on the couch, eating mindlessly potato chips with mayonnaise sauce while watching Netflix! Or maybe you are just too stressed all day at work that you always need to have a quick bite or a sweet goody to relief yourself from anxiousness! The majority of people have been there many times, while others are acting oppositely, not being able to eat nothing at all when they are emotionally charged.

The correlation between stress- or our emotional state in general- and our appetite is a verified phenomenon, that has led scientists to researching in order to find answers to several questions, such as whether there is a relationship between food and mood disorders, such as depression, how emotional vulnerability can affect our nutritional habits and how the food we chose to put in our plates can change our emotional state.

To find out the answers check out my Beauty Guard article “Emotion and diet: how do they affect each other?”!


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