Follow the Feng Shui rules at the office to achieve all your goals

Feng Shui is an Ancient Chinese technique of placing the objects in such a way as to ensure a positive energy flow and to create a harmonious and balanced place. Following the Feng Shui rules at the office may help us concentrate better, increase our creativity and improve our relationship with our colleagues. Although it sounds a bit crazy, according to many entrepreneurs who are following the Feng Shui techniques, the presence of an aquarium or a flower vase, strategically placed at the office can launch one's earnings to zenith!

Feng Shui tips for the office room

Whether we feel frustrated, or we are often tired, nervous and unwilling to work, or in case we just want to increase our earnings, we can try the following Feng Shui tips, as we have nothing to lose!
1. The first thing to do when following Feng Shui, in general, is to move anything that closes our office entrance. In all cases, it will be much more pleasant to enter the room and work.
2. We must always κeep our office clean and tidy so that exudes a sense of balance and harmony
3. The place where our office is placed is particularly important. We should be able to see the entrance door, but preferably not directly. At the same time, it is not good to sit near the door, because according to Chinese wisdom this will lead us to abandon our efforts easily. On the other hand, it is better not to have a window behind our back because this makes us feel vulnerable and, not to place shelves on the walls above our heads to avoid creating a feeling of pressure and anxiety.
4. We should choose light and pale colors for the walls and avoid having plenty of decorative items. Just a few photos of our loved ones and a few plants are enough to make our place pleasant.
5. To boost the positive energy at the office, we should always let the natural light in, if possible. Fresh flowers, an aquarium or a small decorative fountain with running water are ideal for this purpose.
6. Concerning light, it is preferable to avoid using strong or low light.
7. In cases, we bring work at home, or we have a home office, it is better not to choose our bedroom as our working place. Working and sleeping activities are incompatible.
8. We must ride our trash baskets daily, not just for health reasons but because garbage leaves negative energy in our place.
9. Just a few drops of essential oils, such as lemon, rosemary or rose, can help us work pleasantly and increase our clarity and productivity. Have a quick aromatherapy guide at your office drawer, is a clever idea. It will help us chose the right aromatic tone depending on the situation and our mood.
10. A bright crystal, placed near the telephone, will help us attract the right professional phone calls.

Feng Shui tips for the office furniture

According to Feng Shui, our office furniture can be divided into eight different sections, each one of them corresponding to a different field of our life. Thus, when seating at our office:
1. The section right in front of us concerns our carrier.
2. The section right across the carrier section concerns the fame we can achieve.
3. On our left hand, the furniture is divided into three different parts. The nearest to us concerns self-knowledge and improvement, followed by the section of the family and health and then the section of prosperity.
4. On our right hand, the furniture is divided into three different parts. The nearest to us concerns our friends and colleagues and traveling, followed by the section of the creativity and children in particular and the section of marriage and love life.
If we place the right object on specific furniture section, we may improve the certain field of our life the section stands for:
1. A bright crystal on the carrier section, a small mirror or the presence of the water may help to increase our profits. In all cases, a photo of our loved ones and the use of dark colored objects will improve our productivity.
2. At the fame section of the furniture, we should place our diplomas and awards or the photo of someone we admire.
3. At the prosperity section, we should place valuable objects, old coins, a decorative fish, the number four, the photos of the people that we desire or make us happy. In all cases, it is preferable to use purple, blue or red colored objects.
4. To increase our energy and creativity, we should place children’s’ photos or children’s art at the homonymous section of the furniture.
5. The friends’ and traveling section can be strengthened by placing objects such as an angel statuette, the photos of people who have importantly helped us in the past. We should prefer using white, grey or black colored objects.
6. Finally, our love life and marriage section can gain positive vibes by placing matching pair items or yellow items at the marriage furniture section.


Until the next article, do not forget my friends: read, learn and then learn more! Because this is your superpower!