If I must give a definition on LACONA, I would say:

"LACONA is a cascade of art in the shape of a pharmacist, passionate about science, Argentine tango, traveling and bitter chocolate. LACONA is a powerful shield that cherishes beauty in all its expressions. Above all, LACONA is a state of mind!"

The first time you met LACONA was back in 2015 through the Beauty Guard. As Beauty Guards and we are honored and thankful to all of you, who were with us all the way. We became friends through the years, you embraced our need to highlight all the beautiful aspects of life, you became a Beauty Guard too. Now we are all Beauty Guards!

Since you ask for it, here's the whole brand new "LACONA only" blog! So, Go on...

Read, learn and then learn more! Because this is our Superpower! Enjoy!





LACONA's fresh on the way photos!